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Points, Points and more Points!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 7:42 AM

Hello whoever you are! A little while ago, I wrote a journal entry titled "LLAMA~"… which was about llama for llama groups. This time, I am writing a journal about point givers!

:icondahub: Possibly the most well known account, it has a list of people to watch, fav or llama. The list is fairly long and about once a week there is a new person to llama/fav/watch. dAhub keeps track of points in terms of decimals and do not round up. This account was no created by a DA staff member and all questions are answered by a bot.

:iconeasypoints: On this account, you can only ask for points once a week and there are fewer people to llama/fav/watch. The amount of people has remained relatively static and only occasionally someone new appears. However, this account responds quickly and efficiently.

:iconadoptables-and-point: As the name suggests, he/she has both adoptables you can purchase with points as well as a point-giving system. He/she has about ten people to watch/fav/llama.

:iconhappy-points: This tiny account has five people to watch/llama and they very rarely have new people on the watch/llama list. You can only ask once a week.

:iconlizadonut: This account has approx. 15 people to watch/llama. You have to watch AND llama at least two people to get points.

:icongot-to-give: This person has strict rules, but doesn't really follow them. He/she also doesn't have very many points and seems to donate at random. However, when he/she donates, he/she donates big. You can only comment once every other day.

:iconpoints-and-premium: This person also gives out premium, but the rules are kind of confusing about why/how. They have about ten people featured and give out five points to everyone if they watch/llama. Also, they require a journal entry about them to get points.

:iconlove-and-points: This person has a LARGE list of people to watch/fav/llama and is a very well functioning group.

:iconigivefreepoints: I do not particularly like this person. You have to give at least two watches, two favorites and two llamas to get any points.

I hope this helps everyone.  I know there are lots of other groups/people out there, but these are the ones I have had experience with.

Best of luck,

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